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A New Evolution in Clean Combustion Technology

Today’s global industries require high-performance combustion burners that meet expectations without compromising on environmental values. Compliant with all international standards, ACI’s revolutionary patented technology has lower fuel consumption, less emissions and a complete burn environment for maximum efficiency. Superior performance and enhanced sustainability make the Absolute Extreme Burner™ a safer, cleaner and more cost-effective combustion solution for industrial heating and power generation.

Our Vision

ACI is committed to world leadership in greener, more sustainable combustion solutions that maximize value to our commercial clients. Our burners deliver the highest possible efficiency in heat transfer while keeping fuel consumption and emissions significantly lower than competitive products.

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Our Mission

Our developments in clean combustion technology mean a more sustainable future for our planet and a smaller environmental footprint for global industries. ACI is continually improving our technology applications to stay at the forefront of international markets and cleantech innovation.

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“One step closer on the quest to produce clean hydrocarbons, with burner technology that reduces emissions, improves safety, and reduces operating costs.” – Imaginea Energy

Canada’s Top Energy Innovators - Alberta Venture

ATB Innovaion Award - ATB

Best pre commercial technology of 2017 – ConvergX

Innovating in Aerospace, Oil, and Recycling industries

A cleaner burn for superior efficiency is the ACI advantage. Book a demo to explore how we can help improve your company’s bottom line while enhancing your environmental performance.

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