Developed in close partnership with the Edmonton International Airport, ACI’s aircraft heating technology is based on an ultra-efficient cleantech burner that offers 100% fuel combustion for lower emissions and less fuel usage. With the compact, lightweight and portable ACI-SM1000, cold-weather airports across the world can benefit from a sustainable solution to a major industry requirement.


ACI is committed to developing innovative combustion products that offer major environmental benefits to the international aviation industry. The Absolute Extreme Aircraft Heater™ has ground-breaking advantages for cleaner and more sustainable aircraft heating.
Competitive products in aircraft heating operate with an efficiency of 22 liters of diesel fuel per hour and require 40 Hz of additional ground power. Exceeding industry standards, the ACI-SM1000 is twice as efficient and clean-burning as conventional heating models.

  • 50% reduction in fuel usage
  • No ground power requirements
  • Zero carbon monoxide output
  • 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions


Airplane gate heating is a major operational cost for the world’s cold-weather airports. ACI’s Absolute Extreme Aircraft Heater™ is the emerging solution to aircraft heating challenges and has a proven track record of delivering on performance even in low-temperature or other difficult conditions. Benefits include:

  • Fuel usage reductions from a minimum of 50% up to 72%
  • Independent aircraft heating without rear auxiliary power engagement up to -40C
  • No requirement for certified personnel onboard the aircraft during heating

In combination, these three competitive advantages can reduce the cost of heating an aircraft by $1000/hour and offer a cost savings of $100,000.00 per plane per winter compared to current market solutions.
Our burner’s superior efficiency cuts the time required for full aircraft heating in half, reducing costly delays and labor. The high-quality construction and innovative design of the ACI-SM1000 results in additional cost savings due to in lower maintenance requirements and fewer parts replacements.


Emissions are a primary hazard to the health and safety of aviation employees. In partnership with the Edmonton International Airport, ACI has ensured that its Absolute Extreme Aircraft Heater™ is compliant with all aviation safety regulations and standards and minimizes the risk of emissions exposure for technical staff.

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