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The market for plastics recycling is large and in need of new technologies that can improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. ACI has successfully adapted the AEB for use in existing plastics extruders.

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Absolute Combustion’s retrofitted machines are able to process nearly 30,000 pounds of material and turn it into 1 pallet of ingots in 9 hours. These ingots were in turn chipped and granulated then put through an additional process and turned into numerous usable products.

Cost Savings

LPD1-7 can be placed through the system, with a cost of less than $10.00 per hour to operate using natural gas or propane. Our machine can reduce energy cost of an extruder, while increasing recycling volumes by 25% when electric coils are replaced with our burner system, fueled by propane or natural gas.

Ecological Benefit

Orphaned plastic can be extruded through our machine effectively, minimizing the environmental impact of waste plastic. Zero Carbon Monoxide produced. Less carbon emissions


• Fully CSA certified with Class 1 Div 2 and B149.3-15, CGA 3.4 Compliant
• Unaffected by barometric pressure, humidity or altitude •Extremely stable

Client feedback

We ran the ACI retro-fit extruder 24/7 for many weeks without any failures or break downs. The decision of installing the ACI burner system was without a doubt the best decision by far and truly paid off.
Imagine if recyclers could considerably lower their energy costs, reduce the majority of downtime of equipment and eliminate the costly repairs of electric coils we have. We are very pleased with the outcome and we would never go back to the old electric coil system. The ACI burner system will totally change the way these types of plastic are valued and processed in the near future.

Mauro Cortiula, PresidentCorma Enterprises Inc


Week 1 – Discovery Session

Week 2 – Proposal

Week 3  – Project Approval

Week 4-9 – Materials Gathering

Week 9-11 – Materials Assembly, Customization procedures

Week 11-13 – Transportation & Installation

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