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In today’s ever-changing world, the demand for new and innovating technology is at an all time high. Technology needs to be more efficient, cost effective, easy to use and bring value to the people using it. Here at Absolute Combustion International Inc. we believe that the Oil and Gas industry deserves a combustion burner that will not only meet these demands but exceed expectations in performance, production efficiency, stability and safety.

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Absolute Combustions Aircraft Heater produces the equivalent amount of heat as a conversional heater while consuming less diesel fuel. The unit is less than half the size and weighs only 2300 lbs.

Cost Savings

Only 96 Liters of Diesel fuel used in a 12-hour operating period

Ecological Benefit

58% less diesel fuel used compared to the standard engine-driven heaters. Emits zero carbon monoxide and ultra-low GHG.


Minimal maintenance required

Absolute Aircraft Heater
200,000 Btu
2300 Lbs.
227 Liter fuel capacity
12 Hour operating time on 96 Liters of fuel
The Competition
750,000 Btu
3600 Lbs.
227 Liter fuel capacity
12 Hour operating time on 227 liters of fuel


Our unit delivers clean and filtered hot air between 160-190 degrees above ambient in sub-zero climates
Our heater cart can handle any commercial aircraft in service today.
Designed for the Boeing 737-200 or larger commercial aircraft

Week 1 –  Materials Gathering

Week 2 – Proposal

Week 3  – Project Approval

Week 4-6 – Materials Gathering

Week 6-8 – Materials Assembly, Customization procedures

Week 9-10 – Transportation & Installation

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