The Absolute Extreme Burner™ is an established solution for efficient, low-emission combustion that requires a minimum of 35% less fuel. Energy efficiency and complete combustion create a high-performance burner that optimizes several key field processes and reduces operational costs.


ACI’s patented Absolute Extreme Burner™ for oil & gas applications increases vessel efficiency with significantly better heat transfer from the fire tube to the end process. The burner’s near-flameless, 100% complete combustion results in lower emissions and less fuel usage while maintaining a stable process temperature that eliminates the need for on-off cycling.


  • Decrease in overall maintenance requirements
  • 35% or greater decrease in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • No damaging carbon residue in the burner
  • No heat warping due to consistent heat output


  • Zero carbon monoxide output
  • 35% or greater decrease in carbon emissions
  • Less fire tube and other parts replacements
  • Ultra low NOx emissions


  • Fully CSA certified with Class 1 Div. 2 and B149.3-15, CGA 3.4 Compliant
  • Unaffected by barometric pressure, humidity or altitude
  • Fire Tube life extension by a minimum of 50%
  • Increased stability from high-quality construction


The Absolute Extreme Burner™ process has numerous additional advantages over conventional combustion technologies. Our products were designed to align with the needs of the oil & gas industry and extensively field-tested and proven out with major energy producers. Each of our advantages has the potential to significantly reduce costs in wellsite production.

  • Near-flameless burner offers 100% fuel combustion
  • Unbeatable heat transfer efficiency
  • 35% or greater increase in fire tube process production
  • Option to add a heat exchanger to pre-heat process without additional fuel use
  • Fully automated, push-button ignition system
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • NOx as low as 27PPM without FGR or Scrubbers @ 2.5 MM BTU

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