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Canada’s oil and gas industry is facing an impending carbon tax which could significantly affect companies’ operating cost structures. Consequently, new technologies are needed to reduce carbon emissions to minimize the effect of the new tax regime on their bottom lines. Absolute Combustion is in the perfect position to be at the forefront for change with our Absolute Extreme BurnerTM as it represents an excellent opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of several key processes.

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Absolute Combustion’s, Absolute Extreme Burner for oil & gas applications increases vessel efficiency with better heat transfer from the fire tube to the process. Near Flameless, 100% Combustion burner with less emissions and no need to cycle on and off. We maintain a stable process temperature while our burner constantly stays running.

Cost Savings

• Decrease in maintenance
• 35% or greater decrease in fuel consumption and Carbon Dioxide
• Minimum Double the life of a Fire Tube
• No carbon build up in the burner
• No heat warping because our burners do not need to cycle onand off

Ecological Benefit

• Zero Carbon Monoxide
• 35% of greater decrease in carbon emissions
• fewer fire tube replacements
• Ultra low NOx


• Fully CSA certified with Class 1 Div 2 and B149.3-15, CGA 3.4 Compliant
• Unaffected by barometric pressure, humidity or altitude •Extremely stable
• Minimum Double the life of a Fire Tube
• Reduction in downtime
• Decrease in maintenance

Client Feedback

It is a fantastic 3P solution - it reduces emissions (Planet), it improves safety (People), and it reduces operating costs (Profit). We are going to build out a unit and integrate it in our operations. We will be baselining the 3 impacts (emissions, safety, fuel usage) before and after the installation of the technology in order to clearly show the positive impacts. We are then going to open source the data, publicly, so that others will be able to have more confidence in its application in their operations,

Suzanne West, CEOImaginea Energy


Near Flameless, 100% Combustion burner
Minimum Double the life of a Fire Tube
Reduction in downtime
35% or greater decrease in fuel consumption and Carbon Dioxide or
35% or greater increase in process production in a Fire tube vessel
Unbeatable heat transfer efficiency
Option to add a heat exchanger to pre-heat process without the use of additional fuel
Decrease in maintenance
Increase in safety
Fully automated, push button start system with remote monitoring capability
NOx as low as 27PPM without FGR or Scrubbers @ 2.5 MM BTU
Decrease in maintenance
Extremely stable
Zero Carbon Monoxide
Each one of these benefits represent potential increases to profit margin by either increasing production in selected vessels, reducing the amount of downtime with in a vessel or reducing the man time spent on maintenance.


Week 1 – Discovery Session

Week 2 – Proposal

Week 3  – Project Approval

Week 4-6 – Materials Gathering

Week 6-8 – Materials Assembly, Customization procedures

Week 9-10 – Transportation & Installation

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