Technology Differentiators

Unique Points Of The Advantages Related To The Absolute Extreme Burner

1. Decreased Fuel Consumption

Our burner efficiency allows us to better transfer heat to the process. This allows our burner systems to operate at 35% less Btu value then our competition and still maintaining the temperature and throughput requirements of the vessel.

2. Increased Production

Due to our ability to increase heat transfer efficiency by 35% or greater the result is the capability to put more process through the vessel without any additional fuel or energy costs.

3. Near Flameless Burner

All combustion takes place in the first 8” inside the combustion chamber. You receive the heat without the issue of flame impingement. The benefit… reduces production downtime and costly repairs.
Minimizes flame impingement

4. Setting New Standards for Low Emissions

NOx 16-19 ppm and zero CO present in exhaust stream. (NOx levels compensated to 3% O2)

5. Consistent Efficiency in a Non-pressurized System

86.3% thermal efficiency in a fire-tube application using HHV Fuel

6. Low Fuel Pressure

Absolute Combustion = 2 to 4 psi vs. Competitors pressure at 12 – 19 psi. Lower fuel pressure means increased safety

7. Cooling Jacket

Reduces combustion NOx and combustion chamber deterioration adds to thermal efficiency

8. Exhaust Temperature

The Absolute Exhaust Burner™ has an exhaust temp of 300˚ – 450˚F as compared to competitors with an average exhaust temperature of 800˚F.

9. Exhaust Velocity Harmonic

Because of our unique combustion pattern a particle could travel 4 to 5 times the distance before it leaves the fire-tube

10. Closed System

Barometric pressure and humidity will not affect the efficiency or the performance of our burner. Consistent Operational Efficiency